Healthy Ecosystems

    We support and encourage biodiversity and effective land use.

    Our vision is one of living landscapes where farmers and communities prosper within regenerated ecosystems. Every crop we grow, or source is embedded in a broader, complex, and delicate ecosystem. Changes to one factor to produce a positive outcome can have negative impacts on other areas, so we must take a holistic and informed approach. The challenge is made even greater because many of the crops are sourced from third-parties.

    Measuring Progress

    With such a fine balancing act, it’s important to have a clear programme of activities and a consistent approach. We work with farming communities to explain the importance of protecting the ecosystems on which they rely, and train groups on the best approach to maintaining aspects such as soil health, optimising inputs, and protecting native species of flora and fauna. Read about some of our initiatives in our latest annual report. 

    Partnering for Scale

    We continue to review our own operations and supply chain, to make positive changes. However, we cannot make the level of change required alone. We are active in a number of sector-wide initiatives and are collaborating with customers to help them mitigate their environmental impacts.

    Initiatives Supporting Healthy Ecosystems

    Protecting Biodiversity

    Managing palm plantations in a biodiversity rich country like Gabon requires extensive efforts to support and safeguard the country’s natural heritage.

    Agroforestry in the Amazon

    ofi has formed partnerships to halt deforestation and restore degraded land in the Brazilian state of Pará.

    Supporting Biodiversity in the Republic of Congo

    We speak with the co-director of the Goualougo Triangle Ape Research Project – a research project focusing on the behavioural ecology of chimpanzees and gorillas in the Congo Basin.

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