Diversity & Inclusion

    We want all people to be socially and economically empowered. 

    Explicit or implicit biases are present in every work environment, they can vary widely across geographies and cultures, and they often result from a complex combination of traditional power structures, categorisations of economic or ethnic class, and attitudes toward gender. Prohibiting any form of discrimination is the necessary framework for creating work opportunities and career advancement.

    Measuring Progress

    Whether it’s within our organisation, or across our supply chain, we recognise the importance and value of diversity. Internally we have established our Inclusion, Diversity and Quality Council of Olam (IDEO) to help embed equality, openness and belonging. In our supply chain, we’re addressing regional and cultural barriers to improve farmer livelihoods, particularly for female farmers, young people and minority groups.

    Read more about some of the activities we undertook last year in our latest annual report.

    Some of our initiatives include

    • Our Fair Employment Policy that covers our operations for all forms of diversity
    • Dedicated training sessions and support for female farmers, with gender reporting by product supply chain
    • Our Supplier Code, which stipulates third-party suppliers “encourage gender equality, equal access and empowerment of women”.

    Initiatives Supporting Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

    Improving Every Day for Rural Women

    Olam’s ambition to improve smallholder livelihoods can’t be fully achieved without addressing gender equality.

    Untying Gender Constraints

    Outtara’s story can be an inspiration for many seeking a better life for their families.

    Empowering Women Farmers

    “With the Flor do Café project I learned about coffee quality and by that I added value to my product."

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